Blurring the line between painting and sculpture: A collection of works by Antoni Tàpies


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A new exhibition of work by Antoni Tàpies is to be displayed at the Waddington Galleries in London.

His work includes a combination of unconventional everyday objects, including cloth and brooms, which are incorporated onto canvas or wood panels. There are also more traditional pieces with paint, ink and pencil.

Undefined symbols are a great influence on Tàpies’ work, but he is elusive as to his interpretation of the meaning: ‘The meaning of a work depends on the co-operation of the viewer. Those people who live without inner images, lacking imagination and the necessary sensitivity to generate their own set of mental associations, will see nothing at all.’

His works often combine sculpture and painting, considering “painting as an object, not as a window as people usually do.’

There are over eighty public collections worldwide which display his work including the Kunstmuseum, Paris, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, Solomon R Guggenheim Museum, New York and Tate, London, and the Waddington Galleries will be the latest.

The exhibition will run from 21 April to 15 May 2010.