Bright, bold and buxom: Dorothy Iannone's sexually expressive art on show for first time

The American Berlin-based artist brings her first solo exhibition to the UK

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Artist Dorothy Iannone brings her bold, expressive work to London this spring for her first major exhibition in the UK.

The show includes her work from the 1970s and 80s, along with more recent pieces made in the last decade, including a cut-out of Jake Gyllenhaal being embraced by Heath Ledger in her sculpture “Brokeback Mountain”.

Known for her bright portrayal of sexuality, Iannone’s work celebrates the joy of what she calls “ecstatic union”, while also subverting traditional gender stereotypes of dominance and control.

Her half-naked figures are depicted enjoying their sexuality, set against psychedelic backgrounds with influences from Indian erotic art and Egyptian frescoes.

Born in Boston but now based in Berlin, Iannone is a self-taught artist. In 1967 she met her current partner artist Dieter Roth on a visit to Iceland, after which she left the US to live in Europe.

Click here to launch the gallery of Iannone's art Warning! some images are sexually explicit

Dorothy Iannone: Innocent and Aware runs admission free at the Camden Arts Centre until 5 May