Change the World or Go Home - picture preview

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What is the relevance of artists in today’s society and how can their work change the status quo? These are some of the questions posed by work featured in a new exhibition at Down Stairs, a new contemporary art gallery in Herefordshire.

The exhibition, Change The World Or Go Home, brings together a diverse range of artists both established and up and coming, ranging from Turner Prize winners to artists who grew up within 500 yards of the gallery.

Change The World Or Go Home features work by Ghazaleh Abassalian, Steven Allbutt, Bigtoe Group, Kitty Clark, Tom Crawford, Jeremy Deller, Sean Dower, Jeremy Hutchison, Alexander Krone, Jimmy Merris, Mark McGowan, Dominic Samsworth, Mark Titchner, Charlotte Young and Hennessy Youngman, and is curated by Craig Barnes whose work also appears.

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10 September until 30 December 2011, Downstairs at Great Brampton House, Madely, Hereford, HR2 9NA,