Classical: The sound of the underground


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Steinway & Sons' London showroom has long been a mecca for piano virtuosos. Now its previously hidden rehearsal rooms and workshops are being opened for a unique immersive experience. The Memory Of WT Stead has been devised by London-based artists Christer Lundahl and Martina Steitl and pianist Cassie Yukawa, who will play György Ligeti's Etude No. 16, Pour Irina and Bach's Fugue In A Minor for six visitors at a time.

The event's eponymous journalist was interested in para-psychology and apparently predicted his death on the Titanic. To increase the spookiness of moving around the mainly deserted building after working hours, the audience will be led around wearing vision-proof goggles and headphones to make this a lonely physical and psychological journey.

'The Memory Of WT Stead', Steinway Hall, London W1 ( 27 March to 6 April