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I downloaded Tom Odell's EP Songs For Another Love recently (he won the 2013 Critic's Choice Brit Award) – he supported me a year ago on tour. His sound is a bit of piano, a bit of rock, a bit of Coldplay. His voice is really unique. I've also got A$AP Rocky's new album, LONG.LIVE.A$AP. I've listened to lots of early Nineties stuff lately too, like the Prodigy and Chemical Brothers.


I really liked Django Unchained. It was quite brutal and gritty, but it's also nice that directors are taking risks in film. I studied film while I was at university and going into directing is still something that I want to do. I love Quentin Tarantino, he's probably one of my biggest influences.


I'm a big fan of musicals because my mum took me a lot when I was younger. I saw Matilda The Musical on stage at the Cambridge Theatre in London recently and that was amazing. I was blown away.


I discovered the US comedy Modern Family. I think the character Phil Dunphy is brilliant, just because he's played so well by Ty Burrell. He's exactly like all the dads who think they're really cool in their own little world. I watch dramas like Boardwalk Empire and Homeland as well as Sons of Anarchy – it's cheesy, but brutal TV.

Example's “Perfect Replacement” is out now