Dave White 'Americana' - picture preview

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Touted as the UK’s Andy Warhol, Dave White plays cowboys and Indians in his latest pop art venture.

Through explosions of colour and energy White depicts the wild wild West, exploring the terrain which defined the Western movie era.

White’s latest exhibition, 'Americana', will be on display at The Coningsby Gallery, London, from 11 April.

His large-scale oil paintings, limited edition prints and works on paper will be displayed at the gallery.

The thick, animated brush strokes which define White’s style communicate the tension in the battle scenes he depicts, exemplifying the sense of turbulence. His work oozes colour and vigour, as if to signify the blood shed in battle

White was born in Liverpool in 1971, and went on to study Fine Art Painting at Liverpool John Moores University.

White, who created his early work while working in John Lennon’s old studio, has exhibited his work across the globe. 'Americana' is his 18th solo exhibition.

Dave White said: "My work is always influenced and inspired by the things I love. I’m excited to present this latest body of work, exploring the classic imagery of the West I grew up with as a child."

'Americana' is at The Coningsby Gallery, 30 Tottenham Street, from 11 April until 30 April. www.davewhiteart.com