David Shillinglaw's new exhibition: a picture preview

A new collection of works by David Shillinglaw will bring together a selection of art hoping to reflect 'the constant search for and consumption of that which makes us complete'

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David Shillinglaw's artworks have been created with a child-like view of the modern world; intentionally naïve with influences from abstract, pop art and surrealism.

Shillinglaw describes 'All You'll Ever Need' as a false prophesy:

"...designed to entice an audience into believing there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but there is no pot of gold, only a rainbow. The exhibition attempts to highlight the chaos and contradictions we deal with, juggling what we need and what we want, the chaos of the moment set against the choices of the bigger picture.”

His studies of the human condition will be exhibited at the East Gallery from August 25 until September 4, with a live acoustic set from The Travelling Band on the opening night.

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For more information visit www.cement-gallery.com