Exhibition of the Week: Keith Coventry: Black Bronze, White Slaves, New Art Centre, Salisbury


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Keith Coventry's sculpture explores the wasted parts of town, where trees get vandalised and prostitutes step over crack pipes, where doner kebabs rotate and drip fat, and broken windows are left unrepaired.

It's the junk of urban life cast in bronze: crack pipes (one gold-plated), dead saplings removed from run-down housing estates, kebab machines, the skeleton of a park bench, the frame of a smashed window. Coventry found his objects during years of wandering through London thinking about art.

There are wry references to art history within his selections: Max Ernst's sculpture within broken trees, Wyndham Lewis in a smashed windowpane, Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore in two kebab machines.

A successful painter, this is the first exhibition devoted to his sculpture, and he seems to be the rare artist who can do both. There are many rich layers to explore in this impressive body of work.

(01980 862244; sculpture.uk.com) to 18 Nov