Fantasy band: Charli XCX

'I'm inspired by Björk – she may be the best artist ever'

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Drums: Gwen Stefani

I'm not sure if she can play but I reckon she probably could. I want her from No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom era and I'd like her wearing a pink bikini top and silver skirt with her hair in buns. I was very young when that album came out but it's one of my favourite records. I watch videos of her performing in awe. She's kickass.

Backing vocals: t.A.T.u

I'm a massive fan of their first two singles. I do like cheesey pop and I think they're quite clever with it; they do amazing, epic pop songs.

Vocals: Selena Gomez

I'd have her all in black with black lipstick, totally gothed up. She'd be this sexy siren, Morticia Addams-type figure. I'm fascinated by the Disney kids. It's weird. What lies behind the glamorous sheen? It's quite creepy to me.

Bass: Björk

It might seem a waste of her amazing voice but if she was on bass wearing the outfit from the “Venus as a Boy” video I think she'd look really cute. I'm massively inspired by her; she may be the best artist ever.

Guitar: Robert Smith

He'd also be the band's musical director. We'd have this romantic gothic feel about the band. He'd be the driving force behind this band. I'm a massive fan of the Cure and the album I've just written is all about romance and they're the epitome of that. He's so beautiful.

Charli XCX's album 'True Romance' is out now on Asylum. She plays London's Cargo on 19 June