Fantasy band: Jon Hopkins

'Daniel Lanois brings magic to any song he touches'

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Guitar: Leo Abrahams

I've been playing with Leo since 1993 when we were at school together. No guitarist can match his ear and sensitivity, and also his willingness to digitally mangle his sound so much that it becomes a whole other instrument.

Electronics: Daniel Lanois

Responsible for the more heavenly of the sounds on Brian Eno's 1980s productions, including The Joshua Tree, Thursday Afternoon, and Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks, Lanois has that ability to bring magic and an expansive soundworld to any song he touches.

Drums: Orri Páll Dýrason

Sigur Rós's drummer is really the only person with the skills necessary to play in this band. No other drummer so effortlessly leads and follows the dynamic of his band.

Vocals: Mark Hollis

My favourite vocalists – with the obvious exception of King Creosote – are those for whom lyrics sound like they are more a vehicle for the notes than anything else. I'd put Mark Hollis into this category, but his voice has elevated this particular vocal style into something transcendent. By the time of the later Talk Talk albums, and his own solo work, he had control over his voice in almost the way an orchestral saxophonist might.

Jon Hopkins' album 'Immunity' is out now. He plays Green Man festival, Bestival and London's KOKO on 21 September.