Fantasy band: Lewis Bowman, Chapel Club

'I want to have Scott Walker on vocals – there's no bigger singer'

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Percussion: Cults Percussion Ensemble

These Scottish schoolgirls play xylophone, glockenspiel, vibes and timpani. I'm sneaking them in as one entry because they play as though they share a single, beautiful brain.

Cello: Arthur Russell

Russell could bring anything to the band – from space disco beats to sinuous, untethered vocals – and it'd sound ace. But I'll stick him on cello so he can enhance CPE's celestial loveliness with an orchestral edge.

Bass: James Jamerson

Jamerson (the bassist for Motown's session band, The Funk Brothers) is the best of the best. He played bass on Stevie Wonder's “Uptight” and Marvin Gaye's “What's Going On”, plus he can play upright double bass, which is what we're after.

Vocals and lyrics: Scott Walker

You need a big singer for music with this much atmosphere, and there's no one bigger than Scott. I'd have him pour some Scott 2-style poetry over proceedings, all wishes, whispers and strange grief.

Producer: Noah Lennox

Having a band member who can record, engineer and produce seems like a good idea, and Lennox has an open mind, superb taste and a searching spirit. Plus, he'd provide lovely backing vocals and be a good counterpoint to Scott.

Chapel Club tour from 23-27 March, playing Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, London and Brighton. Their second album, 'Good Together', is out in June (