Fantasy band: M Ward, She & Him

'Tony Bennett is the greatest living singer'

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Vocals: Tony Bennett

Obviously it has to start here. He is the greatest living singer on the planet. I think Sinatra said the same thing about him in the Fifties. I saw him perform in Seattle last year and it was easily one of the greatest shows I've ever seen.

Chord organ: Daniel Johnston

It doesn't really matter who plays the keyboard in your band when your singer is Tony Bennett, but Daniel Johnston would bring an element of surprise. I'd like to hear his take on Mr Bennett's “Emily”, “Smile” or “For Once in My Life”.

Bass: Mike Watt

The first real concert I ever saw was fIREHOSE at a place long-gone called the ANTI-club. It was a great thrill to finally be in the studio with Mike. He plays bass on “Together” and “Baby” on our new album, Volume 3.

Drums: David Lovering

I saw the Pixies in the Nineties and then I got to see them again last year and he/they are just as good, if not better. One of the most underrated drummers.

Backing vocals: Kate Bush

Why not? It took me a long time to understand her music, but lately I've been very much inspired by the production on Hounds of Love. I realise that everyone in the UK probably already owns it, but I encourage your uninitiated readers to dive into her catalogue with this record.

She & Him's new album, Volume 3, is out on Monday (