Goat: Secretive Swedes go global


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Daft Punk may be the most successful act since Kiss to make an impact while disguising their identities, but they are not alone. A psychedelic outfit claiming to hail from the backwoods of Sweden have been causing a stir while hiding behind ritualistic masks, and telling an unlikely backstory.

Goat claim to hail from the village of Korpilombolo, a remote, tiny community not far from the Finnish border. In the rare interviews they agree to, the shadowy collective (who performed at Glastonbury) claim their thrillingly primal freakbeat is inspired by the village's history of voodoo.

Their album, World Music, found its way on to end-of-year polls, while music-blog excitement followed the release of a double A-sided single, with “Dreambuilding” showing a funkier side to the band.

Goat's single “Stonegoat”/“Dreambuilding” is out now on Rocket Recordings