In pictures: Static - layered art from London's East End


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The idea that visual art is only what can be spread flat across a canvas is one that has long since been abandoned. With sculpture and large-scale installations, the 2D print has become not so much outdated, but rather had to give up its monopoly over the art world and make way for more innovative uses of space.

East End duo Static, comprised of young artists Tom and Craig, takes on this notion of the flat versus the three-dimensional to create works mixing screen printing and stenciling on layers of glass, Perspex and aluminium, and toying with light, reflection and transparency, resulting in 'floating' images.

Click here to view a gallery of some of Static's most recent works

Static is exhibiting its latest collection 'Whispers of Clarity' at Whisper in Fitzrovia, London until 26 May, which will involve the duo's signature layered works, as well as a variety of live art events. All images are available to purchase from Whisper.