In pictures: The iPad Picasso


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With their chunky, textured brush strokes, Roz Hall's artworks wouldn't be out of place hanging alongside some of the great Impressionists at one of the world's esteemed galleries.

However, the 31-year-old's paitnings - if you can call them that - don't fit on a canvas or lie in the traditional frame, as he creates all of them on his iPad.

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Since spending just "£2 on his first drawing app 'Brushes' on his iPhone in 2010, he has spent the last two years perfecting his technique to create his unique masterpieces on his phone and tablet.

Roz, who works as a technician at Chichester University, said: "There are some people who think this is a gimmick.

"But I trained in fine art and to me it is just another tool to make art.

"I still paint in oils and watercolours, the two aren't mutually exclusive.

"The best thing about creating art on your iPad is that your whole studio is in your lap.

"It is great for artists with limited space, and its so quick there is no packing up or tidying".

Now using more up-to-date apps such as ProCreate and InkPad he hopes to sell some of his many works.