Inspired art: Natalie Turner's Eternal Spirit of the Chainless Mind

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Artist Natalie Turner is currently exhibiting her latest collection ‘Eternal Spirit of the Chainless Mind’ at the Cielo gallery in Mayfair.

Inspired by the depression she has endured since childhood, the works explore abandonment through surreal, digitally manipulated photography.

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Turner’s abstract and surreal distorted multiple mirrored images are elaborately constructed theatrical performances photographed through hand blown glass, wherein the artist portrays herself in a range of different guises from Marilyn Monroe to various mythical creatures and forms of nature. Aspects of each performance have then been combined to form intricate collages.

Having suffered from severe depression since childhood, Turner’s work has been inspired by her recent road to recovery, creating a beautiful series of photographs that helped her to seek logic and reasoning for her abandonment as a child, and her struggle with depression. Adopted at eleven, Turner grew up within the British social care system, and has chosen to support YoungMinds, the young people’s mental health and wellbeing charity.

This solo exhibition follows the entry of her work into Flow Festival in Helsinki, and a group exhibition at the Royal Opera House last September.

Eternal Spirit of the Chainless Mind runs at the Cielo Gallery until June 7. For more information visit