Jake or Dinos Chapman - picture preview

See if you can work out which Chapman brother produced which piece of artwork for their new White Cube gallery show
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Jake or Dinos Chapman the latest exhibition by the eponymous artist brothers opens in London tomorrow at the White Cube gallery - the first time they have worked totally apart rather than collaborated for a show.

The duo have been working in separate studios for the past year and only saw each other’s work a week ago when it was being installed at the Hoxton Square gallery.

The Turner-prize nominated duo who have been producing controversial and iconoclastic pieces together since their 1990 debut at the ICA, are card carriers of the Young British Artist epithet having been showcased at both Brilliant! and Sensation in the late Nineties.

Famous for sculptures of child mannequins with genitalia instead of facial features and for defacing valuable Francisco Goya prints, they have a reputation for being irreverent and humorous and at times outright offensive.

“Jake and I only make things that amuse us...So I make things for Jake and he makes things for me,” Dinos said recently. To which his brother responded, “We’re not interested in the similarities between our interests, but the divergences. This show will be an exemplar of this. Catastrophic maybe, but we’ll see.”

While the new show is all about these ‘divergences’, none of the work is labelled distinctly as that of Jake or Dinos which makes the viewer attempt to see through the varying styles to attribute them to one or the other.

This process is made difficult by the styles and themes which, as you’d expect, have huge similarities. The mannequins dressed in Nazi style uniforms with smiley faces instead of Swastikas and the creeping childish figures with deformed faces could have been made by either or both.

See if you can work out which Chapman brother produced what in this online version of the exhibition:

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Jake or Dinos Chapman is at White Cube Until 17 September