Ken Currie 'Immortality' - picture preview

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The work of Ken Currie is both provocative and harrowing. Known for scrutinising the human condition, Currie pushes the boundaries of contemporary art, depicting a complex and sometimes apocalyptic world.

Currie’s latest series, ‘Immortality’, will be unveiled tomorrow at Flowers Gallery, London.

True to form, Currie’s latest work depicts the dark corridors of his imagination, exploring a series of haunting characters as they vie for power and status.

In one of his most striking collections to date, Currie explores the vicious climb to the top, personifying the malicious intentions and selfish nature of humanity.

Fictional kings and businessmen stand bloodied and cadaverous, so consumed are they by their quest for authority.

Currie’s larger-than-life canvases and the absence of glass or a frame make for a bold and sometimes overwhelming series.

Currie was born in North Shields in 1960, and currently resides in Glasgow. He graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 1983, and his work has been displayed in London, New Haven, New York and Boston.

A spokesperson for Flowers Gallery said: “We’re very excited to have the work here, it’s an incredibly powerful series.

“They are unbelievably atmospheric. You can’t not be affected by having one of his pieces in the room. When you are around any one of the paintings the work seems to grow.

“The finish is incredibly dazzling. They are quietly unsettling. The characters all seem to be people that you know and you can relate to, with their expression of greed or power. They are timeless. We are honoured to be working with him.”

‘Immortality’ is at the Flowers Gallery, 82 Kingsland Road, from 8 April to 21 May 2011.