Making it and faking it: Copies, homages, pastiches

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They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Which is why a new exhibition in London has decided to exhibit a selection of copies, homages and pastiches of art ‘masterpieces’, in a bid to explore the motivation.

Van Gogh’s Sunflowers made out of three-dimensional objects, a playful adaptation of works by Gainsborough, even an earthenware tribute to Damien Hirst’s formaldehyde shark, are among the quirky objects currently on display at Twickenham’s Orleans House Gallery.

Exhibition curators said in a statement that the exhibition explores “how and why contemporary artists approach famous artworks” in order to question notions of originality and authenticity.

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Making it / Faking it: Copies, homages, pastiches exhibition is open until 23 January 2011,