Mohamed Al Fayed's eldest son Karim launches photographic exhibition

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The eldest son of Harrods chairman Mohamed Al Fayed has been known as the quietest of his sons, choosing to keep out of the spotlight and avoid celebrity parties. Now, Karim Fayed is ready to share his passion for photography as he launches his first ever exhibition.

As a result of contracting Meningitis, Karim has been deaf since he was a toddler and developed a love of the visual arts from a young age, taking an interest in photography at the age of 11.

His first collection includes images of panoramic landscapes, from the Scottish highlands to the American wilderness.

"I've always had an affinity with nature from an early age - I love standing in the middle of the countryside, with nothing to distract me, just the sound of the wind. It's in that environment that I am able to take photographs that I like."

The exhibition is being showcased at renowned photographer Richard Young’s Gallery in Kensington until 10 April 2010.

Young said: "Karim shows a strong natural talent and it's a pleasure to work with him. It's great that he's ready to showcase his work."