One is nipping to Tesco: Jubilant Jubilee royals as seen by Alison Jackson


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The Queen can be seen nipping down to Tesco with the Corgis, popping a bet on at William Hill and kneeling on the floor to feed treats to her dogs (above) at a new exhibition which coincide with the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

But these are not intimate portraits of the Queen going about her daily life. They are the latest in a series of royal spoofs by the artist Alison Jackson.

Jackson presents imagined glimpses of the private goings on in the lives of her famous subjects. She photographs carefully chosen look-a-likes in documentary-style formats to give an impression of intimacy among some of the world's most famous families.

The royals are a favourite theme for Jackson and the explosion of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge into public life following their lavish royal wedding last year has provided another rich seam from she has drawn.

During imagined post-wedding party celebrations the Queen can be seen in a conga line with Elton John. In anther Prince Harry boogies with Lady Gaga and ends up sprawled on a staircase clutching a bottle of Champagne after apparently over-indulging.

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'Jubilee' is at Pertwee Anderson & Gold gallery in London from 25 May to 9 June 2012