Picture preview: Lello // Arnell, Echo Chamber at Beers.Lambert Contemporary

Relocated gallery hosts Norwegian sculptors' debut UK exhibition

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Norwegian duo Jørgen Craig Lello and Tobias Arnell will showcase their debut solo UK show at relocated gallery Beers.Lambert Contemporary in its inaugural exhibition at its new Old Street base next month.

Click here for a slideshow of Lello // Arnell's work

Incorporating elements of photography, collage and painting through a modernist-styled, monochromatic aesthetic, the pair's work intends to question basic social structures and methods and their validity in Western society.

In recent years, Lello // Arnell have become major figures in the Scandinavian art world, participating in high profile group shows such as the Norwegian Sculpture Biennial and Lights On - Norwegian Contemporary Art at the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, as well as exhibiting in the US, Spain, France and Sweden.

The forthcoming exhibition - entitled Echo Chamber - will be launched alongside an essay of the same name by former Art World editor Paul Carey-Kent.

In it, he writes: "Echo Chamber looks like – indeed, at one level it really is – an elegant set of modernist-styled works, tuned to monochrome tastefulness: a controlled display reflecting, one might think, a positive and progressive mindset. But what will we hear in this ‘room with walls that reflect sound, used to make acoustic measurements and as a source of reverberant sound to be mixed with direct sound’? And will we be reminded of how an unanticipated echo can reveal what the speaker had meant to keep quiet?"

'Echo Chamber' is at Beers.Lambert Contemporary, 1 Baldwin Street, London from 5 July - 12 August 2012; beerslambert.com