Picture preview: Lukas Strebel, Antoglyph


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Emmy winning and Bafta-nominated cinematographer and photographer Lukas Strebel’s work has been compared to that of Man Ray, Claude Cahun and Maurice Tabard. ‘Antoglyph’, his monochrome portraits in surrealist style from the 1970s, are due to go on show in London from Friday.

Strebel’s work is graphic, theatrical and strange. Viewed together the photographs form a dreamlike sequence of narrative loops and replays, which touch on deep subconscious urges, emotions and fears.

Born in Switzerland, Strebel built his approach to film through still photography due to lacking availability of film education. Their energy and fluency come as a result of the photographer’s particular relationship to both fine art and cinema.

Lukas travelled to Spain to meet and photograph Salvador Dali in the 1970s. Having been initially refused entrance Lukas gave Dali’s maid a copy of the photograph ‘meus volatus magicus supra Antoglyphum’ and asked her to appeal once more. On the strength of this image he was granted entrance.

Cruelly, on the day of the appointed Dali shoot Lukas was called back to Switzerland for national service.

‘Lukas Strebel: Antoglyph’ at ThePrintSpace, 74 Kingsland Road, London, www.theprintspace.co.uk