Picture preview: Norman Ackroyd, Shetland, Zillah Bell Gallery


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Royal Academician Norman Ackroyd is famous for his atmospheric monochrome etchings of the British landscape.

His new prints, inspired by the breathtaking coast and islands which make up the Shetland Archipelago, resonate with the ominous power of the ocean and the weather.

They will be on display at the Zillah Bell Gallery in Thirsk from Saturday.

“Shetland is the final statement of a three year project attempting to understand that ultimate fringe of the British Isles made up of a necklace of rocks and skerries that stretch North East from St. Kilda for 400 miles via Flannan, Sula, North Rona, Foula and Papa Stour to the Rumblings, Muckle Flugga and finally to Out Stack,” Ackland said.

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24 November until 20 January 2013, Zillah Bell Gallery, Thirsk, North Yorkshire