Picture preview: Resistance: Subverting the Camera


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An exhibition of artworks made by "circumnavigating" traditional camera techniques to produce images outside the normal parameters of the photographic medium opens at the The Fine Art Society tomorrow.

Resistance: Subverting the Camera features the work of British artist Steven Pippin, who has set about physically destroying the camera by firing a hand gun at vintage models set up to create an auto-portrait at precisely that moment.

Artistic duo, Rob and Nick Carter explore the infinite light refractions of 100 diamonds, demonstrating the full spectrum of colour unleashed by the glittering jewels. In contrast to these images are the pared down, vintage inspired photograms of another light source, the lightbulb.

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German artist Edgar Lissel creates alternatives to traditional in-camera activity by utilising scientific processes. Bakterium presents bacteria seen through a microscope and projected into Petri dishes filled with bacteria solution. After being exposed with their own image for a few days, the bacterium reproduce their own micro-image as a result of their dependency on light.

The show also features the work of Australian artist Janet Laurence, US-based Brit Adam Fuss, American artist Stephen Sack, British artist Idris Khan and Christopher Bucklow.

Resistance: Subverting the Camera is from 18 April to 5 May 2012 , www.faslondon.com