Portrait of the artist disguised in the landscape

Play a game of Where's Wally with American-based artist Richard T. Walker in these pictures of himself hidden within the American landscape

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The vast, unchartered landscape has long been a theme in American art and fiction.

In these photographs San Francisco-based artist Richard T. Walker obscures himself from the camera in isolation to the landscape, while posing with his photographs that merge into the backdrop.

British-born Walker has lived in San Francisco for the past six years. In his first solo UK exhibition he focuses on the American West, exploring the troubled relationship between man and his surroundings, asking questions about whether we can ever feel connected to the natural world.

The artist portrays himself as the typical Romantic hero, isolated in his surroundings yet strangely in awe of it, shown by his depictions of the mountains and desolate scenery.

Walker’s work, which includes video, photography, performance and large scale installations, will be on display at contemporary art gallery Carroll / Fletcher in central London from 1 March- 13 April.

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