Ayrton Senna: Photography exhibition marks 20th anniversary of F1 legend's death

Keith Sutton's images of the racing driver are on display at Proud Chelsea

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Brazilian Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna is being commemorated with a photographic exhibition to mark the 20th anniversary of his tragic death.

Proud Chelsea is presenting Senna: Photographs by Keith Sutton in celebration of the life and career of a man many consider the world’s greatest racing hero.

His journey from Formula Ford to Formula 1 domination, to his eventual tragic death in a 1994 San Marino Grand Prix crash, is charted through Sutton's striking collection of photographs.

Sutton first became known to Senna when the driver approached him in 1981 to ask whether he was a professional photographer.

"When I said I was, he said he needed photos of him racing sent to Brazil on a regular basis," Sutton said. "On that day, he won his first race, and I got some great photos of him celebrating on the podium late in the evening.


"From the moment I first photographed him I knew I was witnessing an incredibly charismatic and talented young racing driver who would one day go on to become one of Formula 1's legends."

As their friendship developed, Sutton soon took over the handling of Senna’s public relations and continued to photograph him on and off the racetrack.

Sutton’s observations created the largest available archive of Senna's remarkable achievements and intense, larger-than-life personality.

Senna: Photographs by Keith Sutton, Proud Chelsea, 6 March – 5 May 2014, www.proud.co.uk

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