Sideshow: fairgrounds, carnivals and penny gaffs

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Sideshow is a travelling exhibition of drawings and poetry exploring the lives of the people in and around the fairgrounds and penny gaffs of an older England. It examines the transformative effect of the carnival, voyeurism and the human body as a commodity of display.

Jersey-based artist Jason Butler's ink drawings present the myriad of personalities to be found in circuses, fairgrounds and carnivals, while Will Burns' poetry gives voices to the faces, creating a dream-like vision of English show-business' colourful and murky past.

The show is being held as part of the London Comedy Film Festival's Transformations (8 - 12 August), a week-long "funny freakfest" of comedy performances, music and films as part of Wilton's Music Hall's Anthropomorphic summer.

The Independent Online has been granted an exclusive preview of images and poetry featured in Sideshow.

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