Sound moves from bright young thing Haroon Mirza


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The British artist Haroon Mirza has transformed a space at London's Lisson Gallery into a gleaming symphony of light, reverberation and echo with his newest installation, /o/o/o/o/. Its centrepiece, a reverberation chamber created by Mirza and his architect brother, Omar, will be lit by small, flashing LEDs that correspond to noise from speakers rigged in and about the chamber. The combination of constant, clanging noise and flashing light is set to offer a unique, otherworldly gallery-going experience.

“It aims to explore repetition and reverb in its different manifestations. I wanted to create a room that was the antithesis to the echo-less room I had built before,” says Mirza, referring to The National Apavilion of Then and Now, an anechoic chamber he made for the ILLUMInations exhibition at the Venice Biennale in 2011, where Mirza won the Promising New Artist Silver Lion award.

In another room of the Lisson show, Mirza's two turntables, loaded with different, tailor-made electronic pulses, will be played in unison to form an intricate groove. Musicians Dave Maclean, who drums for Django Django, and Nik Void of Factory Floor provide the beats.

The former DJ largely juxtaposes electronic and organic sound and light. “My work is about manipulating space and acoustics,” he says.

A recent tribute to his personal hero and club-anthem alchemist Carl Cox, Shelf for Carl Cox – which showed at Frieze New York earlier this month – saw a vintage speaker set blast out jarring beats of white noise.

'/o/o/o/o/', Lisson Gallery, London NW1 ( to 29 June