Spectacular lenticular

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The Mauger Modern gallery in London presents the lenticular artist Chris Dean's first solo show outside the US, on the changing economic fortunes of his hometown Detroit in his exhibit, Transylvania.

Chris Dean is among a small group of artists with a studio practice dedicated to lenticular work, his interest in the medium evolved from early experiments with stereoscopic imagery at San Jose State in the 1990's and has grown to include a range of methods for capturing and producing motion 3D lenticular.

Dean has exhibited with a number of well known artists - since his first solo show in 2006 - including Mark Ryden, Robert Williams, Gary Baseman, Ron English and many others in galleries across the United States.

A lenticular is a combination of a special lens and an arrayed image that simulates animation or depth.

Autostereoscopic images refer to pictures that take advantage of how our eyes and visual cornea process the two images that the left and right eyes receive. They interpret them as depth and 3-dimensionality.

A lenticular uses the movement of our bodies in relation to produce a pseudo-hologram that might look like a person running, an apple popping out of a flat poster, or a distant car approaching.

Transylvania by Chris Dean runs through to the 24th November, Mauger Modern London, maugermodern.com