The Barometer: Jay Jopling; Florence and the Machine; Kylie's new album; PETA

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What's hot...

Jay Jopling

At least Lily Allen thinks so, as she is canoodling with the millionaire art dealer

Florence and the Machine

Flame-haired and covered in glitter, Ms Welch was the hit of the summer festivals and now the kooky songstress has won the Critics' Choice Brit Award. Adele-like success is sure to follow.

David Tennant

Back on the stage as Hamlet and wowing the crowds once again.

...and what's not

Kylie's new album

"Can't get 'Blue Monday' Out of My Head"? Even die-hard fans might feel a bit short-changed by Boombox, Kylie's new collection of remixes.


They do wonderful work but protesting against the live animals set to take part in the upcoming O2 spectacular Ben-Hur is a little bit bah humbug.

Kaiser Chiefs

What possessed Ricky Wilson et al to appear on ITV's Girls Aloud Party? Duetting on "Sound of the Underground"? Is rock'n'roll dead?