'The Greatest!' - Muhammad Ali art exhibition

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To celebrate the approaching 70th birthday of Muhammad ‘The Greatest’ Ali, an exhibition of portraits and photographers of the boxer has been published online.

UK publishers Iron Gut Publishing decided to post virtual exhibition with a view to finding a commercial gallery to host a real exhibition to coincide with Ali’s birthday in January 2012.

“This is the first time a collection such as this has been put together, Ali transcends boxing and this official artwork will be highly collectable, appealing to art collectors as well as boxing enthusiasts,” says Anthony Marks, a managing director of the publisher.

Contributors include British artist Paul Oz, an official artist for the Bruce Lee family, and American artist Joe Petruccio who in 2006 was chosen by MGM and Sly Stallone to create a series of paintings to honour 30 years of Rocky.

Each featured image is represented by a quote from Ali’s glittering career. 'It's hard to be humble when your as great as I am,’ is just a taster of what the notoriously immodest American fighter has been quoted as saying.

The sporting legend who was named Cassius Clay before his conversion to the Nation of Islam in 1964, was named GQ magazine’s ‘Athlete of the Century’ and has been recognised for his humanitarian work as a United Nations Messenger of Peace and recipient of an Amnesty International Lifetime Achievement Award.

Click here or on the image for a selection of the best images or view the full collection online at www.aliartwork.com