The Playlist: Laura Marling/ The Knife/ Wavves


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Laura Marling

Where Can I Go?

With its rich, reedy organ and Marling's (pictured) wise-beyond-her-years voice, this is a truly wonderful comeback single. Timeless and uncomplicated Anglo-Americana.

The Knife

A Tooth for an Eye

This song is reliant on an off-kilter Afro-beat rhythm that distracts and disorientates as much as it drives the track forward. Smart, subtle and sophisticated songwriting.


Demon to Lean On

Nathan Williams isn't the most likeable character in the overtly obnoxious garage rock scene but, as his music deepens emotionally, he sounds less Beavis and Butthead and more Neutral Milk Hotel.


5AM in Toronto

Never one for modesty, Drake rages at “haters” while boasting of his own Sinatra-lifestyle. As always, accidental comedy ensues; this time when he spends a verse complaining of people not “feeling themselves” enough'.

1939 Ensemble

Sad French Song

Complex time-signatures and a snare so high in the mix it actually makes you jump. Needless to say this is a project by two drummers – namely The Breeders' Jose Medeles and Portland based drum instructor David Coniglo.

Smith Westerns


The lead single from the band's new 'Soft Will' LP sees them move further into melodic indie pop.