The Playlist: The National/ Action Bronson/ Hooded Fang


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The National


Fourteen years into their career and The National still find new ways to express the mysterious world of a man's private, neurotic thoughts.

Action Bronson ft. Lauriana Mae

Compliments 2 the Chef

Yet another excellent collaboration between the Albanian/American rapper and producer Harry Fraud. This time the rap attack features Mae's mesmerising hooks.

Hooded Fang


From the opening line on being covered in human ashes, the song's dark lyrics clash with its upbeat pop melodies.

Empress Of Tristeza

Deliciously awkward art-pop from the Spaniard's brand new EP (pictured).

Dirty Beaches

Landscapes in The Mist

Vocals take a backseat on DB's new material – a bleak, haunting and cinematic take on no wave.