Vintage Paris: Sensuality, fantasy and haute couture

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Vintage photographs of a collaboration between Paco Rabanne and photographer Jean Clemmer go on show in the UK for the first time next week - exploring themes of sensuality, fantasy and haute couture.

The suggestive images of models wearing Rabanne's 'unwearable' fashions provide a glimpse of the radical ethos and sexual freedom of 1960s Paris.

50 years on, the collaboration between Clemmer and Rabanne will feature alongside a wide range of Clemmer's photographs at a pop-up gallery space in London.

Clemmer (1926- 2001) was a French painter, musician and photographer who mingled in Surrealist art-world circles and began taking photographs in 1962.

Click here or on the image to preview the exhibition Warning! Photos contain nudity

'Canned Candies: The nudes of Jean Clemmer' is at a pop-up gallery space at 8 Kingly Street, Soho, London from 26 November - 18 December 2010,