Visual enchantment, magic and fairytales

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Be transported into a world of magic, fairytales and lost childhood at a new exhibition which opens in Bath next week.

The Red Rag Modern Art Gallery’s first exhibition of the year is ‘Magic and Fairy Tales,’ which opens a week on Sunday.

It features the whimsical work of Scottish artist Catriona Campbell, circus-themed paintings by Alan King as well as Stephanie Lambourne’s evocative work, ‘At The Bottom of the Garden.’

Depths of imagination – both frightening and amusing- are plumbed by the story book styles of Gary Walton and David Schofield, the colours evoking playground toys, days at the seaside and monsters lurking under beds.

Stuart Buchanan’s blue tinted ‘Sun Worshipper’ injects a bit of realism, while Gordon Mitchell’s works provide an edgy look at sexuality and loss of innocence.

Themes of enchantment, visual trickery and the unseen prevail.

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‘Magic & Fairy Tales’ opens Sunday 20 February until 6 March 2011,