Walk On: A short stroll inside an artist's imagination


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Why not enjoy walking in the confines of an art gallery? A collection of work created and inspired by the act of walking, includes Julian Opie's continuous computer animation, Summer, 2012, presented on a 55" LCD screen, which offers a virtual countryside walking experience.

It will go on show as part of Walk On at London's PM Gallery next month. "There have been many exhibitions about individual artists, such as Richard Long and Hamish Fulton, whose work is based around walking but no recent overview which has explored walking as an art form," says the show's co-curator Cynthia Morrison-Bell. Other works include a photograph of performance artist Marina Abramovic's journey along the Great Wall of China for her work, The Lovers with collaborator Ulay.

Walk On, PM Gallery 7 House, London W5 (020 8567 1227) 27 March to 6 May