World Bodypainting Festival attracts 30,000 visitors


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It's a good thing the World Bodypainting Festival isn't held in Britain, or else some of the elaborate creations being showcased over the weekend might have ended up rather streaky from the rain.

Instead the 15th such annual get-together of scantily-clad, body art enthusiasts took place at the Austrian town of Poertschach this weekend - and the sun shone.

An estimated 30,000 visitors came to see men and women smeared with multi-coloured pigments.

The 200 artists from 44 countries were all vying to be crowned winner and take home the prestigious World Award.

There were Avatar-style creatures in blue, devilish horns, huge headdresses, false noses and futuristic masks.

One woman had eyes peeping out from her legs; another had mathematical equations all over her body; there was even a helmet covered in Barbie dolls.

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