Photos of teenage bedrooms in the 90s

There’s a strange abstraction about the aesthetics of the near past. Look at bedrooms from the 1920s and you feel like you’re simply taking in historical information, but gaze on ones from just a couple of decades ago and you’re met with the odd realisation that a period that felt devoid of character while you lived through it had just as defined a look and corresponding temporal paraphernalia.

Who was William Morris?

'Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful', said William Morris in 1880

How Glasgow became an art capital

In recent years, the Scottish city has become a cultural powerhouse. On the eve of its biennial art festival, Hettie Judah travels there to find out why

Meet Billy Mitchell - the last of the desert cowboys

Billy Mitchell has spent his life farming the arid Mojave desert, continuously searching for water to slake the thirst of his 140 cattle. The photographer Zoe Childerley discovers what drives him on as he approaches his seventies – and hears of his struggle to convince his four daughters to carry on a 150-year tradition