360 degrees of cute? Dog portraitist William Wegman creates his first animated Gif


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The artist William Wegman, best known for his arresting portraits of dogs, has created his first animated Gif. The subject-matter? An adorable puppy in a bowl.

The animation was published on Wegman's blog with the cautionary caption: "Be warned, this puppy is hypnotic!"

Wegman was born in 1943 in Holyoke, Massachusetts. In the '70s he began a long and fruitful collaboration with his dog, Man Ray.

After Man Ray's death in 1981 Wegman got new dog called Fay Ray and his doggy-themed oeuvre grew to include works inspired by her puppies Battina, Crooky and Chundo.

In the '90s he worked with Battina's son Chip, then Chip's son Bobbin in 1999 and Candy and Bobbin's pups Penny, Flo and Topper.

The Gif puppy's name and parentage have not been supplied by the artist.