A Boeing 747 is being turned into a club on wheels at Burning Man

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The annual Burning Man festival got underway in Nevada’s Black Rock City on Sunday, and every year the standard of sculpture and art installation gets higher.

Tons of incredible sculptures have been created by this point - all in the name of hedonism and escapism - but the latest takes some beating: a Boeing 747 plane converted into an art car.

The 747 Project is a huge undertaking by nonprofit organisation Big Imagination, and though it won’t be fully finished until 2017, the site of the double decker plane on the playa alone is pretty jaw dropping.

You can view work-in-progress images and concept art in the gallery below, followed by The 747 Project’s mission statement:

‘We’re currently working in the Mojave desert on our biggest project yet, converting a 1985 Boeing 747 into what might be the largest moving art experience ever created. Our goal is to create an immersive interactive experience that will have an impact on all those who come inside. We’re converting it from a mover of people and cargo to a mover of dreams.

Our plan is to premiere this experience at Burning Man 2016.

Artistically, the 747 represents our journey through life towards one’s future. Where is it that you want to go? How do you want to make a difference? These are the questions we want people to ponder.

Interactive. When in action, there will be daily talks featuring global thought leaders in our First Class lounge. Climb upstairs to see an incredible view across the Playa. And at night we’ll have special musical performances. Our 48,000 pound aircraft tug will pull the plane across the Playa day and night.

Who’s invited? Everyone. We’re open to all, no velvet ropes. For those who cannot attend Burning Man, we are creating an online VR (virtual reality) 747 experience that anyone with a smart phone and cardboard can explore (currently in Beta).’