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A high point of this year's Venice Biennale of Architecture will be the awarding of Golden Lion lifetime's achievement awards to three veterans: Ignazio Gardella (91), Oscar Niemeyer (89) and Philip Johnson (90). Golden Lion awards have been a feature of the Venice Film Festival for years, though the architectural awards are the first of their kind. The Biennale - a good excuse to visit Venice and to catch up on the work of relatively unsung architects, takes place between 16 September and 14 November.

Thank you to readers who have sent in suggestions for the unrealised buildings you would like to see erected for the Millennium with Lottery money. The range of your ideas to date displays a mixture of enthusiasm and erudition which suggests that there are a number of you out there who should be commissioning buildings rather than those who give us - 90 per cent of the time - the banal designs we are expected to live with. Results, this page, next week.