Architecture Update: Creation story

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A CURIOUS exhibition opened at the Royal Institute of British Architects last week aimed at trying to explain the creative process that architects go through when designing a building. 'The Art of the Process' features the work of 26 leading architects, including Sir Norman Foster and Sir Richard Rogers.

Altogether less difficult is the Architecture Foundation's exhibition of the 11 runners-up in a competition to design Britain's first 'Foyer', a short-stay hostel for young people. The winning design was by Ian Simpson, a young Manchester architect. The pounds 2.5m Foyer will be built on a canalside site in the centre of Birmingham.

'Art of the Process', RIBA, 66 Portland Place, London W1, until 16 April (071-580 5533).

'The Real Ideal Home: a transitional centre for young people', Architecture Foundation, 30 Bury Street, London SW1, until 16 May (071-839 9389).