Sales of art supplies are up because people are making so many anti-Donald Trump posters

Poster boards, markers, glue and scissors are all going through a sales bump

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For many, Donald Trump’s Presidency isn’t something to be celebrated. For democrats, though, there is finally a morsel of good news: arts and crafts materials sales are up across the US thanks to people making their own anti-Trump posters. 

According to sales by NPD Group figures (picked up by Huffington Post), the Women’s Marches led to poster boards, markers, glue and scissors going through a sales bump.

In the week running up to the Women’s Marches sales of poster boards were up 33 percent and foam boards by 42 percent compared to the same weeks in 2016.

Other tools used to make posters that saw increases on the year before, including paint markers (+35 percent), glue (+27 percent), adhesives (+12 percent), and paper punches (+4 percent).

Along with signs, people were also making custom clothing to defy The Donald: fabric paint sales going up as a result. 

While the data only covers January, many other protest marches have taken place around the world sine then, with art supplies having likely felt a nice bump ever since.