Artist documents their progress from age 2 to 28

'I was lucky enough to start very early...but I don’t think it’s ever too late to give it a go.'

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At what age can you spot whether someone has a latent talent for art or, like myself, will never even be able to draw a house convincingly, let alone a human face?

Hong Kong painter Marc Allante’s portfolio can help answer this question, as he managed to keep a copy of his drawings almost every year from the age of 2 right up to 28.

He started off with simple pen sketches of faces on paper and ended up creating vivd watercolours of jellyfish on canvas, with some notable moments of progress on the way.

His talent is clear, for instance, at age 5 when he started using purposeful vertical strokes to draw people, and at 10 when he began to experiment more with colour. In his teens he inevitably aimed for realism, before trying to create figures using fewer strokes in his twenties.

Marc is now very happy to be pursuing art full-time, telling BoredPanda: “I was in corporate finance and insurance.

“I lost my mother very abruptly to cancer which made me re-evaluate a lot of the priorities in my life. Ultimately, I felt that I would deeply regret not giving an art career a proper shot.”

“I think with enough practice and patience, anyone has the ability to learn to draw and create art. I was lucky enough to start very early and be encouraged by my family, but I don’t think it’s ever too late to give it a go!”

You can check out more of his art on his website.

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