Banksy posts new artwork 'Meat Truck' on his website


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Banksy has unveiled a new image depicting stuffed animals trying to escape a slaughterhouse delivery truck.

Bearing the file name 'meat-truck', the jpeg is plastered over the homepage of Banksy's website, which for the time being now has no links or any other content accessible on it.

The image is based on an installation called Sirens of the Lambs which he created during his New York residency last year and saw a real truck stuffed with puppets.

Following a brief stint in the Meatpacking District, the vehicle was toured around the city, with a tracking device at one point being placed on it only to wind up on a gardening truck in Queens.

Meat Truck appears to frown upon the meat industry and could set the theme for future Banksy works to come.

His last physical work, dubbed "Mobile Lovers", is currently hanging in the Bristol Museum & Art Gallery following a brief sojourn by the toilets of a youth club.

The mural, depicting a pair of lovers distracted by their smartphones, was removed from the wall it first clung to by the club's owner who has claimed Banksy intended it to be a gift to the struggling venue.