Banksy rubbishes Fox News claim he paid $50,000 to stage street exhibition

The artist hit back at a report by Fox News on his website, stating the owner of the property allowed him to hang his canvases for free

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Banksy has hit back at Fox News after the broadcaster ran a report claiming the elusive street artist paid $50,000 (£31,000) to hang his work from a property in New York.

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The report claimed Banksy paid the property owner $50,000 to hang two canvases under an overpass in Manhattan, as part of his month-long residency on the streets of New York.

But the artist denied the claims on his website, writing in bold: “Contrary to reports on Fox News this space was kindly donated for free by the owner.”

The two canvas installation on West 24th street was a collaboration between the Bristolian artist and Brazilian street art twins Os Gêmeos.

After Banksy’s New York works have been tagged over, washed away and peed on by dogs, the artist put in new measures to protect his work from potential vandalism.

The pop-up exhibition was screened off to the public by a metal grille, with groups of five ushered in by a uniformed security guard.

Another Banksy graffiti that appeared in Brooklyn last week has also been protected by the building’s landlord. The owner installed a metal gate and hired a security guard to protect the work.

A narrated audio guide on Banksy’s website said the latest work with Os Gêmeos was a reference to the occupy movement.

“With the faltering of the occupy movement, we’re forced to consider how all the big ideas have collapsed. But what if the big idea that all the ideas have collapsed collapses? Then where would be?,” it said.

“Quite how exhibiting these pieces in the heart of gallery row is supposed to do anything for the 99 per cent, we can’t be sure. Although Banksy has proven he’s into recycling, given all his works are based on the same formula.”

A metal gate has been installed to protect this Banksy in Brooklyn