Bob Dylan paintings at Danish National Gallery


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An exhibition of paintings by iconic American singer Bob Dylan opens at the National Gallery of Denmark this week.

Around 50 previously unseen acrylic paintings, called the Brazil Series, will be available to the public in Copenhagen from Saturday until early next year.

Dylan told the gallery that his paintings fulfil the shortcomings of expression he finds in music. He said: “If I could have expressed the same [things] in a song, I would have written a song instead.”

The gallery told press that when it approached Dylan to request an exhibition back in 2008 he considered the watercolours and drawings he’d made until that point as a “closed chapter.”

This prompted an “artistic change in direction” and Dylan spent the next 18 months experimenting with acrylic paint on a large scale, the fruits of which will be exhibited.

“It was more than a little surprising when I was asked to create works for the National Gallery of Denmark,” Dylan said.

“It was a thrilling challenge. I chose Brazil as a subject because I’ve been there many times and like the atmosphere.”

The reclusive artist reportedly has no plans to attend the exhibition opening.