Competition result: The peacock and the mouse come out on top

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One is a beautiful and vain peacock; the other, a dirty field mouse. Together this unusual pairing has won first prize in our Brian Wildsmith competition: a limited edition print worth £650 of the best-selling illustrator's own unlikely duo, the parrot and jaguar who feature in his book Jungle Party.

Winner Jessica Riley, from Hook, Hampshire, said: "Mr Peacock learns how he needs to be more kind and not so grumpy. He then teaches Mr Mouse how he can look great in a new feather coat made from his dropped feathers."

Mr Wildsmith, who helped to choose the winner, said Ms Riley's painting was "very, very competent and skilful, and a very interesting situation".

Two other entries were highly commended. Josie Perry, from Nottingham, depicted a "lazy and exasperated" cow with an "irritating and arrogant" peacock, and Ann Vastano from Aviemore, Scotland, showed two of the more unlikely animals to share a dinner table: an alligator and a zebra.