Fear in Las Vegas at Roth's new haunt


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The American horror director Eli Roth who is best known for Hostel and Cabin Fever has opened a haunted-hotel-themed horror attraction in Las Vegas.

His pet project will feature gory tableaux, buckets of guts and demented actors styled as “hot zombie chicks” tasked to the scare the wits out of visitors, who've shelled out £20 for a “ticket to hell.”. The Goretorium has opened in the grounds of the former haunted Delmont Hotel on the Strip in Las Vegas just in time for Hallowe'en.

The finale of a visitor's lone journey around the hotel involves being trapped in the building's basement and facing a nightmarish surprise. Roth's £6m attraction features a human meat grinder, a bar decorated with the spooky severed heads of dolls, and a haunted wedding chapel that can be hired for weddings with a vampire minister – a chauffeur-driven hearse will even pick you up and you can rent a zombie wedding gown.

Roth has said he also wants to use his new plaything as a venue to premier his forthcoming TV thriller Hemlock Grove and also his cannibal epic The Green Inferno.

Roth said: “The Goretorium will be a horror destination for both horror fans and tourists from around the world, 365 days a year. We are creating the most intense live terror experience a person can have, incorporating the latest technology with old-fashioned scares...”